EurovisionAgain Analysis 12! (2018)

Dear Eurovision fans, we are happy to be with you with our new analysis news.

Today’s news will be the 12th article of #EurovisionAgain news.

Portugal, which broke the leg of the devil with Salvador Sobral in 2017, was entitled to host the competition in 2018.

In the competition held in Lisbon;Competing with her extraordinary song, Netta came first,Eleni Foureira, who conquers the hearts with his fiery danceis the second and Austria was third.

Now let’s move on to our article 🙂

The 2018 competition was republished last June and a vote was held on Twitter.As a result of the voting, the scoreboard was as follows;

Come on, convert these points into points suitable for Eurovision format.

👉🏻#EscAgain 2018 scoreboard with old system;

01)🇨🇾=308 Points
02)🇮🇱=172 Points
03)🇫🇷=264 Points
04)🇫🇮=116 Points
05)🇬🇧=114 Points
06)🇲🇩=111 Points
07)🇨🇿=111 Points
08)🇮🇪=109 Points
09)🇮🇹=107 Points
10)🇦🇹=106 Points
11)🇺🇦=104 Points
12)🇪🇪=102 Points
13)🇧🇬=098 Points
14)🇩🇪=094 Points
15)🇩🇰=090 Points
16)🇦🇺=084 Points
17)🇦🇱=083 Points
18)🇸🇪=075 Points
19)🇵🇹=071 Points
20)🇭🇺=064 Points
21)🇱🇹=055 Points
22)🇸🇮=052 Points
23)🇳🇴=043 Points
24)🇷🇸=038 Points
25)🇪🇸=029 Points
26)🇳🇱=025 Points

👉🏻According to the current scoring system, #EscAgain 2018 Scoreboard;

01)🇨🇾=615 Points
02)🇮🇱=344 Points
03)🇫🇷=265 Points
04)🇫🇮=232 Points
05)🇬🇧=227 Points
06)🇲🇩=223 Points
07)🇨🇿=221 Points
08)🇮🇪=218 Points
09)🇮🇹=214 Points
10)🇦🇹=212 Points
11)🇺🇦=207 Points
12)🇪🇪=205 Points
13)🇧🇬=196 Points
14)🇩🇪=189 Points
15)🇩🇰=180 Points
16)🇦🇺=168 Points
17)🇦🇱=166 Points
18)🇸🇪=150 Points
19)🇵🇹=141 Points
20)🇭🇺=128 Points
21)🇱🇹=111 Points
22)🇸🇮=105 Points
23)🇳🇴=086 Points
24)🇷🇸=076 Points
25)🇪🇸=059 Points
26)🇳🇱=050 Points

Let’s make some comments about the results;

🔵Cyprus came first with a great margin. 🔵France, Finland and the UK  rise on the list.

🔵Lithuania, Sweden and Germany have declined.
🔵The main winner of the contest Netta fell second.

Eleni Foureira’s live performances;

🔴Goodbye to write the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest held in Denmark in the 13th article of our series 🙂

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