EurorovisionAgain Analysis 11! (2008)

Hello dear Eurovision fans😃We are very happy to meet you again🥰.

Today we will analyze the year 2008.🧐🧐

Serbia, which won the contest with Marija Serifovic in 2007, was entitled to host the contest in 2008.

In 2008, the first year in which two semi-finals were Russian superstar Dima Bilan was the first, Ukrainian superstar Ani Lorak was the second, and Greece represented by Kalomira was the third.

In the past weeks, 2008 was re-published and following results were obtained in the online voting.

Let us adapt these results to both the scoring system implemented in 2008 and the existing scoring system implemented since 2016, and share the scoreboard formed.

👉🏻According to the old system, #EscAgain 2008 voting results;

01)🇺🇦=282 Points
02)🇬🇷=192 Points
03)🇮🇸=183 Points
04)🇦🇲=179 Points
05)🇸🇪=172 Points
06)🇹🇷=160 Points
07)🇷🇸=143 Points
08)🇳🇴=135 Points
09)🇷🇺=113 Points
10)🇵🇹=105 Points
11)🇮🇱=100 Points
12)🇫🇷=098 Points
13)🇱🇻=088 Points
14)🇧🇦=086 Points
15)🇦🇿=072 Points
16)🇫🇮=060 Points
17)🇪🇦=054 Points
18)🇬🇧=053 Points
19)🇦🇱=043 Points
20)🇩🇰=039 Points
21)🇬🇪=033 Points
22)🇭🇷=030 Points
23)🇵🇱=029 Points
24)🇩🇪=029 Points
25)🇷🇴=016 Points

👉🏻According to the current system, #EscAgain 2008 voting results;

01)🇺🇦=564 Points
02)🇬🇷=384 Points
03)🇮🇸=366 Points
04)🇦🇲=358 Points
05)🇸🇪=345 Points
06)🇹🇷=320 Points
07)🇷🇸=287 Points
08)🇳🇴=271 Points
09)🇷🇺=226 Points
10)🇵🇹=210 Points
11)🇮🇱=200 Points
12)🇫🇷=197 Points
13)🇱🇻=175 Points
14)🇧🇦=171 Points
15)🇦🇿=144 Points
16)🇫🇮=121 Points
17)🇪🇦=108 Points
18)🇬🇧=105 Points
19)🇦🇱=085 Points
20)🇩🇰=078 Points
21)🇬🇪=065 Points
22)🇭🇷=059 Points
23)🇵🇱=058 Points
24)🇩🇪=058 Points
25)🇷🇴=033 Points

Let’s talk a little bit about the voting results;

🔵Ukraine came first.🏆🥇
🔵For the first time in online voting, the main winner in the competition was not in the top five.
🔵Iceland made a big attack and entered the top three.📈
🔵Greece rose to second place.
🔵Norway and Russia have declined and lost their top five places.

Ani Lorak’s live performances;

🔴Stay with you to see you at the 2018 Song Contest in Lisbon,next article bye bye:)

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