EurovisionAgain Analysis 10 !! (2003)

We are very glad to meet you after a few days, dear Eurovision fans.

Today we meet the 10th of our article series.When the Latvia won the competition in 2002, the competition in 2003 was held in Riga.

Sertab Erener came first with 10 points from Slovenia, Belgium second and Russia third.But the scores of these three countries were very close to each other.

The contest in 2003 in #EurovisionAgain format was re-published and then online voting took place.The results of the vote were as follows;

If you want, let’s adapt these points to the Eurovision format without looking too long and look at the score tables.

Scoreboard to the old system;
01)🇹🇷=215 Points
02)🇪🇸=111 Points
03)🇮🇸=099 Points
04)🇧🇪=099 Points
05)🇳🇱=094 Points
06)🇩🇪=093 Points
07)🇸🇪=090 Points
08)🇷🇴=070 Points
09)🇷🇺=064 Points
10)🇭🇷=045 Points
11)🇫🇷=045 Points
12)🇵🇹=045 Points
13)🇳🇴=045 Points
14)🇪🇪=045 Points
15)🇮🇪=044 Points
16)🇧🇦=043 Points
17)🇬🇷=035 Points
18)🇸🇮=033 Points
19)🇦🇹=031 Points
20)🇬🇧=025 Points
21)🇱🇻=025 Points
22)🇵🇱=024 Points
23)🇺🇦=024 Points
24)🇮🇱=023 Points
25)🇨🇾=022 Points
26)🇲🇹=019 Points

Scoreboard by current system;
01)🇹🇷=431 Points
02)🇪🇸=222 Points
03)🇮🇸=198 Points
04)🇧🇪=198 Points
05)🇳🇱=188 Points
06)🇩🇪=186 Points
07)🇸🇪=181 Points
08)🇷🇴=137 Points
09)🇷🇺=128 Points
10)🇭🇷=091 Points
11)🇫🇷=091 Points
12)🇵🇹=089 Points
13)🇳🇴=089 Points
14)🇪🇪=089 Points
15)🇮🇪=088 Points
16)🇧🇦=086 Points
17)🇬🇷=070 Points
18)🇸🇮=065 Points
19)🇦🇹=063 Points
20)🇬🇧=051 Points
21)🇱🇻=049 Points
22)🇵🇱=049 Points
23)🇺🇦=049 Points
24)🇮🇱=046 Points
25)🇨🇾=044 Points
26)🇲🇹=038 Points

To talk a little bit about online voting;
🔵Sertab Erener and Turkey’s victory was thoroughly strengthened.
🔵Spain and Iceland entered the top three.
🔵Sertab Erener scored nearly twice as much against the Spain.
🔵Sertab Erener got 48 points more than the score she got in the competition.

Sertab Erener’s live performances;

🔴Goodbye to see you in our next post at the competition in Serbia’s capital, Belgrade.

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