EurovisionAgain Analysis 8 !!

Hello all dear Eurovision fans! How are you?

After a long break, we continue our article series.In today’s article, we will talk about the Eurovision Song Contest held in 1991 in the capital of Italy, Rome.

In the past weeks, the contest in 1991 was published on Eurovision’s official Youtube channel, and an online vote was held immediately on Twitter.

This is the 1991 #EurovisionAgain online voting results;

We have adapted this list to the scoring system in the competition and got the results as follows;

Score ranking in the old system;

01)🇸🇪=178 Points
02)🇫🇷=143 Points
03)🇮🇱=129 Points
04)🇹🇷=091 Points
05)🇬🇷=083 Points
06)🇬🇧=069 Points
07)Yugoslavia=068 Points
08)🇪🇸=063 Points
09)🇧🇪=055 Points
10)🇵🇹=055 Points
11)🇫🇮=052 Points
12)🇳🇴=049 Points
13)🇨🇭=043 Points
14)🇨🇾=034 Points
15)🇮🇪=029 Points
16)🇮🇹=026 Points
17)🇮🇸=024 Points
18)🇲🇹=023 Points
19)🇩🇰=018 Points
20)🇱🇺=016 Points
21)🇩🇪=014 Points
22)🇦🇹=014 Points

Score ranking in the current system;

01)🇸🇪=357 Points
02)🇫🇷=286 Points
03)🇮🇱=259 Points
04)🇹🇷=181 Points
05)🇬🇷=165 Points
06)🇬🇧=139 Points
07)Yugoslavia=136 Points
08)🇪🇸=127 Points
09)🇧🇪=111 Points
10)🇵🇹=110 Points
11)🇫🇮=103 Points
12)🇳🇴=097 Points
13)🇨🇭=086 Points
14)🇨🇾=068 Points
15)🇮🇪=058 Points
16)🇮🇹=052 Points
17)🇮🇸=048 Points
18)🇲🇹=047 Points
19)🇩🇰=036 Points
20)🇱🇺=031 Points
21)🇩🇪=028 Points
22)🇦🇹=027 Points

Let’s talk a little bit about the results;

🔵The top three countries in the competition remained in the voting again.
🔵Carola further strengthened her victory in 1991.
🔵In 1991, Turkey and Greece can not get into the top ten but this time they took place in the first five.

Carola’s live performances;

What do you think about Carola’s victory in 1991? Do you think she deserved to win or should France win?

🔴In our next article, Eurovision’s world-famous singer Celine Dion and goodbye to see you in 1988 🙂

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