EurovisionAgain Analysis 6 !!

Hello all dear Eurovision fans and Turquoisetimes readers.How you doin?(Joey Tribbiani style😜)We are very happy to meet you with a new analysis article.So let’s start our new analysis news.

Our new analysis news is about the 43rd Eurovision Song Contest in Birmingham, England.In 1998, Dana International won the contest while the United Kingdom was hosting it for the last time.The host country UK was second, Malta was third.

Dana İnternational won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1998, Birmingham

In the past weeks, the 1998 Eurovision Song Contest was published as part of the #EurovisionAgain program.In the voting on Twitter, the results were as follows;

#EurovisionAgain Online Twitter voting results

We have translated these results into the voting system that everyone is accustomed to.The scores of the countries are as follows.

Results according to the old scoring system;

01)🇮🇱=211 Points
02)🇬🇧=195 Points
03)🇳🇱=170 Points
04)🇩🇪=088 Points
05)🇲🇹=083 Points
06)🇳🇴=080 Points
07)🇭🇷=079 Points
08)🇨🇾=058 Points
09)🇮🇪=056 Points
10)🇧🇪=049 Points
11)🇸🇪=049 Points
12)🇵🇹=046 Points
13)🇫🇷=045 Points
14)🇪🇪=039 Points
15)🇵🇱=027 Points
16)🇹🇷=025 Points
17)🇫🇮=022 Points
18)🇸🇰=021 Points
19)🇷🇴=020 Points
20)🇨🇭=019 Points
21)🇬🇷=016 Points
22)🇪🇸=016 Points
23)🇸🇮=015 Points
24)🇲🇰=013 Points
25)🇭🇺=008 Points

Results according to the current scoring system;

01)🇮🇱=423 Points
02)🇬🇧=390 Points
03)🇳🇱=341 Points
04)🇩🇪=176 Points
05)🇲🇹=166 Points
06)🇳🇴=160 Points
07)🇭🇷=158 Points
08)🇨🇾=117 Points
09)🇮🇪=111 Points
10)🇧🇪=099 Points
11)🇸🇪=099 Points
12)🇵🇹=091 Points
13)🇫🇷=090 Points
14)🇪🇪=078 Points
15)🇵🇱=055 Points
16)🇹🇷=050 Points
17)🇫🇮=044 Points
18)🇸🇰=041 Points
19)🇷🇴=040 Points
20)🇨🇭=037 Points
21)🇬🇷=032 Points
22)🇪🇸=032 Points
23)🇸🇮=029 Points
24)🇲🇰=025 Points
25)🇭🇺=016 Points

Our comments about the results;

🔴Dana International came first  place again.
🔴The host  country UK, retained second place.
🔴The top three names in online voting made a serious difference to other competitors.
🔴Dana International increased its score by getting 39 points more than the score it received in the competition.
🔵See you in our next analysis report in 1974, the year ABBA won.

Dana İnternational live performances;

Do you like Dana International and its song Diva?

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