EurovisionAgain Analysis 5!

Hello all dear Turquoisetimes readers🤗.We are very happy to meet you in a new analysis article.

Our current analysis news is about the online voting results for 2016.Let’s share these results with you without;

And now let’s move on to the spelling purpose of our analysis news.

#EurovisionAgain Online Voting Results

Scoreboard by Old System;
01)🇦🇺=284 Points
02)🇧🇬=239 Points
03)🇷🇺=238 Points
04)🇺🇦=168 Points
05)🇲🇫=147 Points
06)🇦🇲=137 Points
07)🇪🇦=112 Points
08)🇧🇪=096 Points
09)🇦🇹=094 Points
10)🇱🇻=081 Points
11)🇮🇹=080 Points
12)🇮🇱=067 Points
13)🇨🇾=062 Points
14)🇸🇪=061 Points
15)🇱🇹=060 Points
16)🇲🇹=057 Points
17)🇳🇱=056 Points
18)🇦🇿=056 Points
19)🇵🇱=055 Points
20)🇭🇺=052 Points
21)🇬🇧=050 Points
22)🇬🇪=047 Points
23)🇨🇿=044 Points
24)🇷🇸=038 Points
25)🇩🇪=028 Points
26)🇭🇷=027 Points

Scoreboard with today’s system;

01)🇦🇺=568 Points
02)🇧🇬=479 Points
03)🇷🇺=477 Points
04)🇺🇦=336 Points
05)🇲🇫=294 Points
06)🇦🇲=275 Points
07)🇪🇦=224 Points
08)🇧🇪=191 Points
09)🇦🇹=188 Points
10)🇱🇻=161 Points
11)🇮🇹=160 Points
12)🇮🇱=133 Points
13)🇨🇾=124 Points
14)🇸🇪=122 Points
15)🇱🇹=121 Points
16)🇲🇹=114 Points
17)🇳🇱=112 Points
18)🇦🇿=111 Points
19)🇵🇱=111 Points
20)🇭🇺=104 Points
21)🇬🇧=100 Points
22)🇬🇪=094 Points
23)🇨🇿=088 Points
24)🇷🇸=077 Points
25)🇩🇪=055 Points
26)🇭🇷=054 Points

If we comment a little about the results;
🔴The main winner of the contest could not enter the top three this time.
🔴The first jury of that year, Australya came first in online voting.
🔴Sergey Lazarev was third again.❤️❤️
🔴The first four countries of the competition and the first four countries of the online event are the same.
🔵Goodbye to see you in the next article in 1998, when the United Kingdom hosted for the last time.

➰What do you think about the results?How did your top 10 rankings come about?

Damı im live performances;

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